Crucial to you, crucial to your customers: accurate, comprehensive 9-1-1 data.

With PDR's Information Management programs, the data you need for smooth transitions into new markets or continued reliable service in current ones is all in one place!

Do What You're In Business to Do. PDR's products and services get you out of the data-gathering business and into directing precious resources against your core business.

  The alternative:
    you can have your staff do it.

Contact literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Public Safety agencies personally, one by one, determining their coverage and policies. One at a time, since each is different.
Or you can let the
experts do it...

The Only Source of Complete, Current and Accurate Public Safety Information Available

PSAP Infosm  
Contains essential contact and administrative information on PSAPs including coverage areas, governing authority, type, addresses and phone numbers, and more. 

Call Center 9-1-1sm  
Includes vital records for telematics/mayday and dial-zero/operators to quickly determine the correct PSAP. Includes coverage area, primary and secondary 10-digit, and more. 



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