Commitment to Accuracy. The PDR team of industry and technical experts are at hand, ensuring your company is ready and flexible to meet the changes and challenges of providing 9-1-1 services to myriad areas. Your company needs the security of knowing its information is current and correct - to reassure you and your customers that your commitment and approach to 9-1-1 reflects more than your bottom line.

Current and Correct. Being prepared for the constantly changing environment of providing public safety access is crucial to your business. Misinformation, lack of information, or outdated information in the case of 9-1-1 services is more than an annoyance - it carries potentially tragic consequences. Not just for your business practices, but for the health and safety of your customers.

Constantly Monitoring for Change. PDR's commitment to excellence and speed equal yours. We constantly monitor the 9-1-1 community for trends and information you need. Our PSAP Representatives are on the phone, in meetings, and corresponding with 9-1-1 managing groups and individual PSAPs every day. We ensure you have the latest and most accurate information you need to know.

Honoring Quality. We understand that "quality" isn't just a word for your network. It's the word in satisfaction and safety for the customers that trust you with their businesses and families today. We honor that quality in all we do for you.



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