Ultimately the public as a whole, private residence, businesses, our clients, and the agencies benefit from our efforts - the results are not only improved accuracy of service to them, but also savings in time, money, and resources. Below are frequently asked questions we receive from PSAPs whom we contact.

Who is PSAP Data Resources? PSAP Data Resources, Inc. (PDR) is a professional services company focused on bringing together businesses that need emergency number services with the public safety community. Our clients are CLECs, wireless companies and specialized service providers (e.g., alarm companies, vehicle tracking and dispatch companies, and dial-zero operator services groups) who need to make 9-1-1 and other emergency services available to their customers.

What does PDR do? We supply contact and call routing information and other important information to our clients. PDR also works with clients to ensure that they are satisfying the requirements to do business in PSAP coverage areas.

Why are you calling me - why isn't someone from the CLEC? We are a representative of our clients and a member of their 9-1-1 team, so we are essentially "from the CLEC." And we always provide documentation authorizing our work for every client we have in every area where we work.

How are you going to save me any time? We save both the PSAPs and our clients time, realizing this is a real value to the 9-1-1 community. We make things faster and simpler because we know what you need, what our clients need, and we get that put together. We save you time so you can focus on doing the important work you do every day rather than working on educating and helping companies get into business.

What do you do with our critical data? We fully recognize the sensitivity of the information we are entrusted with. It is only provided to our clients and only for the areas they are doing business in today or where they are planning on providing service in the near future.

Do you sell my name and phone number to just anyone? Will I now be bombarded with sales calls? No. PDR does not sell its information to product or equipment vendors even if we think they do a great job - because that's not our purpose. We work only with companies that are providing service in your area who require your contact information for emergencies.

Does your client call me at all to set up testing, etc.? How will I know when they are actually ready to do business in my area? Yes, a representative from our client will contact you directly to coordinate critical functions necessary to establish actual service in your area.

Our information changes. How do you handle that? We have a regular maintenance program to review your information to be sure it is current and correct. Also, every time we bring a new client into your area, we confirm everything we have to be sure it is updated and satisfactory to you. And we provide our clients monthly updates for their entire service area so they can be confident that they are receiving accurate information about you.

What areas of the country do you work in? We work throughout the entire United States on a regular basis. Covering all 50 states and have worked with almost 6,000 PSAPs in the U.S. We cover a lot of geography. For areas that we have not been in yet that a client wants to go to, we contact the local public safety people and start the work both sides need.

Can I call PDR if I have a question about one of your customers? Absolutely. We want to make your work with our clients as simple as possible.

If I have any questions about PDR, whom should I contact?
Cindy McVay is our General Manager.
Our regular phone number is 850.773.3904.
Our web site is at http://www.pdr911.com.



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